LinkedIn Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses attract more clients by leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn Coaching

You’ve tried LinkedIn – but it’s simply not bringing you leads or drawing in your ideal client

Attracting new business and opportunities doesn’t have to be elusive. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool that’s yours for the taking.

If you run a business with employees, or you’re a solopreneur or freelancer, there’s no longer any need to struggle to find your ideal client.

With my LinkedIn coaching, I can help you build relationships with your target audience to convert them into loyal clients.

No matter if you are new to LinkedIn or you know your way around, my LinkedIn coaching will help you gain visibility, join conversations that matter and get you better results more quickly.

My goal is to help you love LinkedIn as much as I do – so let’s get started


LinkedIn Coaching for You,
Your Business and Your Team

LinkedIn For You

You’re a solopreneur or freelancer. You’ve tried posting content but it’s not getting any engagement and you aren’t attracting your ideal client. Get your business noticed with the LinkedIn For You programme. Create compelling content and build relationships that lead to conversions.

LinkedIn For Your Company

You’re a small business owner with a team of up to 40. You have a LinkedIn company page but no one visits it. You’re unsure what to post or where to share it. Boost visibility, increase your company’s reach and join conversations that matter with the LinkedIn For Your Company programme.


You are busy and don't have time to spend endless hours on LinkedIn. You know you’d get much better results from having support from me as well as from a group. Revolutionise your LinkedIn strategy with LinkingOn - a game-changing monthly coaching and accountability programme to keep you focused on your goals.

Keynote Speaker

Your company or organisation is looking for a confident and dynamic LinkedIn expert to engage and inspire your audience at your next event or conference. Highly customisable, my LinkedIn presentations are fast-paced, fun and interactive and packed with key insights which can be applied immediately.

How LinkedIn Coaching Works

During the initial 30-minute discovery call, we’ll discuss what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve. I’ll share my screen over Zoom so that you can see exactly what you need to do when you’re on LinkedIn – and how to do it too. That’s not just for UK businesses either. While I’m based in London, I use Zoom to connect with and train people all over the world. Ultimately, these sessions are designed to be practical and hands-on to maximise your learning.

Of course, I appreciate that everyone learns differently and I fully embrace that. It’s just one of the many things I love about what I do. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to learn lots of new things at once. That’s why whichever LinkedIn programme you choose, I’ll find the right balance between working hard and making sure we have fun along the way. And if you get stuck at any point, don’t worry – I’ll be right there to resolve any questions or queries you may have.

empower your ideas

Why Hire Sarah Clay?

Forget those LinkedIn coaches that speak at you or leave you feeling bombarded with information and no idea of what to do next.

Unlike most LinkedIn trainers, I don’t “train and run”. My LinkedIn workshops for freelancers and training for companies are designed so that you’ll come away feeling empowered and bursting with creative ideas of how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Be prepared for so many ‘aha moments’ that you’ll wonder why you didn’t use LinkedIn sooner!

Increase your reach and attract your ideal client – Let’s get started.



Ditch the dull keynote speeches in favour of fun-filled, laughter-inducing groups and seminars that get the audience involved from the get-go.

I’m bubbly and vivacious by nature, which you’ll find out in my presentations. 

I strive to appeal to those across sectors and disciplines, whether it be to those in more traditional professional roles, such as senior executive management, or those who are solopreneurs, freelancers or working in creative industries.

I ended up leaving my day job behind and achieved a diploma in Social Media Marketing. I set up Sarah Clay Social to help businesses promote themselves on social media. While using various platforms to promote my business, one stood out – LinkedIn. I seemed to attract new clients without really trying. All without a cheesy sales pitch and just by being myself. 

I was astonished by the success I had with LinkedIn and couldn’t get over how handy my childhood techniques had been. I realised that all the tools I’d learnt as a child were immensely useful! Soon after, I realised that other business owners weren’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help business owners, just like you, harness the power of LinkedIn and be more successful in business.

Are you ready to leverage LinkedIn’s potential?