3 common mistakes people make on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently one of the best places in the world to build relationships and turn those relationships into customers and clients.  Since lockdown, people all over the world have realised the importance of finding and conducting business on-line and LinkedIn is a huge part of that process.  If used correctly, you really can find your ideal customers right there in this free platform.

The problem arises, however, when people don’t use the platform properly.  There are 3 mistakes which I see regularly on LinkedIn. If you’re making these mistakes you could be seriously jeopordising your chances of success on LinkedIn.

1. Sending notifications to connect with someone without adding a personal message

When you go out for a drink, you choose who you invite. You don’t just walk down the street inviting anyone to join you. That would be a bit weird. You choose who you want to spend your evenings with, so you should do the same on LinkedIn – choose who you want to connect with based on what they say in their profile.

If all you do is click the ‘connect’ button on your profile page to send a connection request to someone, what’s in it for them? If you haven’t even invested the time to find out something about them, why should they invest any time in you? Having lots of connections on LinkedIn will not help you find more customers if those connections aren’t seeing what you’re doing and if they’re not engaging with you.

LinkedIn is about building relationships, it’s not about faceless connections. Do yourself a favour and ensure that you personalise each connection request you send out. You can only do this once you’ve had a look at someone’s profile and found out something about them. Invest a bit of time in someone and they will do the same back. Only then can you start building that all important relationship which could lead to business.

2. Not replying to comments on their posts.

Want an effective way of alienating your audience? Continuously putting up posts and not responding to people when they comment on those posts is a pretty sure-fire way of sending people away.

If someone goes to the bother of reading and making a comment on your post, it is not only common decency to respond – but it will also go a step closer to that final sale. How? By responding to comments on your posts, you are building up a relationship of trust. Nobody will buy from you unless that trust is established between you.

Those people who comment on your post are your fans. They are the ones most likely to buy from you. They’re already showing their intent to want to deal with you, so don’t ignore them – give them the respect they deserve otherwise they won’t be your fans for much longer!

3. Not commenting on other people’s posts

Have you ever been stuck in a corner with ‘that’ person at a party? You know the one who just talks about themselves? On and on and on they go. Talk talk talk. Even if you like what they’re saying, your brain will switch off and you’ll stop hearing them.   

If all you do is post, post, post on LinkedIn, you won’t make any friends or connections.  Again, people are after dialogue, communication, feedback. If all you’re doing is talking ‘at’ your audience, they’ll switch off. 

Our interactions on LinkedIn are conversations, not lectures.

Yes, impart your knowledge and position yourself as a thought leader but don’t be so aloof and unapproachable that no-one wants to get to know you. People buy from people so be a person! Be human, talk to people and watch those relationships grow. Then watch your business grow with all these new customers!

Follow my advice, don’t make these 3 mistakes on LinkedIn – use this amazing platform for what it’s for: communicating and building relationships.

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