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Missing some comments on your LinkedIn posts?

How DOES LinkedIn work?  How DO we get good engagement on our posts?

LinkedIn is about connecting with others and it’s about building relationships. This is so much more important on LinkedIn than on the other social media platforms. The comments on your posts are, arguably, more important than the post itself.

It is in the comments where real connections are made.

If someone comments on a post of yours, that comment needs a reply – from you. People who comment on your posts on LinkedIn are already that tiny step closer to doing business with you.  If someone has gone to the bother of commenting on your posts it means 3 things:

1)         Your comment has come into their feed OR they’ve searched for your content.

This means either that they’re following your content or they have some other reason to find out more about you.

2)         It also means they have read your post or watched your film.

            This means they are interested in what you have to say and how you say it.

3)         Your content has stirred an emotion in them.

By commenting on your post they are doing something in response to what you are saying.  For someone to take time out of their busy day to comment on your post means they want to further their relationship with you in some way.

So, you owe it to that person to reply to their comment.  This is why it is important that you don’t ‘miss’ comments on your posts.

In order to do that, it’s a good idea to double check your comments when you go to them.

LinkedIn list comments in order of ‘relevance’. This is fine but some do get missed, it’s one of those annoying LinkedIn anomalies.

So, when you go to your comments, go to the ‘sort by’ and change it to ‘recent’.

You may see a few comments which hadn’t shown up previously.

It’s a tiny hack which will take you seconds but could cost you £ thousands.

Don’t forget to write a reply!


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I ended up leaving my day job behind and achieved a diploma in Social Media Marketing. I set up Sarah Clay Social to help businesses promote themselves on social media. While using various platforms to promote my business, one stood out – LinkedIn. I seemed to attract new clients without really trying. All without a cheesy sales pitch and just by being myself. 

I was astonished by the success I had with LinkedIn and couldn’t get over how handy my childhood techniques had been. I realised that all the tools I’d learnt as a child were immensely useful! Soon after, I realised that other business owners weren’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. 

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