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How to be an All-Star on LinkedIn

Getting to the heady heights of being an ‘All-Star’ on LinkedIn may seem like a vanity metric but it is actually something to be taken seriously.

When you receive your ‘All-Star’ badge from LinkedIn, they are giving you a pat on the back for completing your profile. Why is it important to have a fully completed LinkedIn profile?

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According to LinkedIn, All-Star profiles are 40x more likely to receive job opportunities. This is great for job seekers. If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer, having a fully completed profile will help you leverage LinkedIn increase your visibility and strengthen your message. So it’s worth doing right?

In this post we’ll go over the 9 things you need to do to get your LinkedIn profile to All-Star status but first of all:

How do you know you’ve got ‘all star’ status? 

Typically, LinkedIn just awards it to you without even notifying you!  You only know when you see the ‘all star’ badge on your profile. If you scroll down your profile to your dashboard, you will see the badge on the right – if you have it of course!

9 steps you need to take to earn the All-Star LinkedIn profile status

  1. Upload a profile photo
  2. Complete your ‘About section
  3. Add your industry and location
  4. Add dates to your work experience
  5. Add your most recent position and job description
  6. Fill out your ‘Education’ section
  7. Add at least 5 skills to your ‘Skills and endorsements’ section
  8. Add employment dates to your ‘Experiences’ section
  9. Connect with a least 50 other folk on LinkedIn

If you feel that you need help to write your LinkedIn profile, panic not my friend, help is at hand send me a DM. 


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