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How to use LinkedIn’s direct messaging to get more sales.

You can spend hours and hours on LinkedIn building up your connections and follower numbers but if you want to do business with people, you’re going to have to dig deeper and start sending direct messages to people on LinkedIn.

Connecting directly with people on a 121 basis is what’s going to really grow those relationships. Even though it seems scary or ‘salesy’ sending direct messages on Linked In, this is where you need to be in order to build those relationships to convert those connections to clients.


To take the relationship to the next level

Communicating with people in the feed is where the relationship building begins. But, it’s in the DM’s where the real magic happens, where the business relationships really start to form. Direct messaging is personal and intimate and enables someone to really get to ‘know’ and ‘trust’ you.

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It’s easier and faster than email

Reading and replying to a DM in LinkedIn is so much easier than opening and replying to an email.  It’s so much faster to write a DM rather than an email too. When someone is on the platform anyway, it’s very easy for them to click on their ‘messaging’, read and reply to any they’re interested in.

It’s less formal than email

When writing direct messages, you don’t have to use over-complicated language. It is usual to write direct messages in a slightly abbreviated way. You don’t have to sign on (Dear…) or off (Kind regards…). The makes DM’s more accessible. Because of their more ‘casual’ language, the relationship has the chance to build faster. It’s more of a chat down the pub rather than a business exchange.

It’s more ‘direct’ than other communications

Most people on LinkedIn are in charge of their own DM’s. There are some CEO’s who use PA’s and VA’s to post things to their accounts (even this is in breach of LinkedIn’s T’s & C’s!), but the DM’s tend to be looked after by the account holders themselves. Your messages won’t encounter diverted emails, ‘out of office’ replies or ‘spam’ filters in LinkedIn direct messages.


DM-ing someone can be done at any stage of the relationship. It’s usually best to wait until you’ve communicated with someone a few times in the feed before transitioning to direct messaging.


Direct messages could – and should – be the start of a solid relationship. Your first DM to someone should be an introduction so keep it light and informal in tone. Ask a question maybe or comment further on something in their profile or about a post they’ve written.

Have something valuable to say, give a reason for the DM and try to elicit a reply. Treat DM’s a bit like asking for a 121 after meeting someone at a networking party.

One thing you must NEVER do in your DM’s is be salesy. Direct messaging is about building relationships NOT about selling. People who try to sell in their DM’s generally have very little success and risk losing connections and followers.

Build the relationship and you’ll have a far better chance of selling to the person in a different way – via email or face-to-face.

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