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Move forward with your LinkedIn strategy by joining my LinkingOn programme

LinkingOn is a group LinkedIn coaching programme. It’s for you if you’re a busy entrepreneur and you know you can get much better results from LinkedIn. However, you’re short on time and you can’t spend endless hours a week on LinkedIn.

With this regular coaching and accountability programme, you really can revolutionise your LinkedIn strategy easily and quickly.

Learning alone is tough. It takes guts to keep jumping into LinkedIn, coming up with content ideas, commenting on posts and finding potential clients. Believe me I know – I’ve been doing it for years!

The LinkingOn programme will drive your LinkedIn strategy forward and give you the support you need so you’re never stuck for ideas.

get results you want

When you join this programme, we meet up 1-2-1 every month

With this group LinkedIn coaching programme, we take a dive into your content, and activity on LinkedIn, ensuring every month brings more success. I’ll help build you into a true LinkedIn Ninja. What does that mean? It’s about getting organised with your LinkedIn strategy so you can log in and out of the platform in record time and still get the results you want!

You will have constant ideas and strategies to keep you moving forwards, entertaining your audience and attracting new connections.

I’ll help you with specific issues like ‘how to respond to this message’ or ‘how to hook this particular person’. Yes! We can get as detailed as you need. I will, metaphorically, hold your hand throughout your LinkedIn journey.

What’s included in the programme?

If you know me, you will recognise my nurturing and supportive nature. So, here’s what my LinkingOn programme involves:

This group LinkedIn coaching is an ongoing programme that you can jump into at any time.

Founder price: £200 per month
3 month initial commitment is required

Increase your reach and attract your ideal client – Let’s get started.


Ditch the dull keynote speeches in favour of fun-filled, laughter-inducing groups and seminars that get the audience involved from the get-go.

I’m bubbly and vivacious by nature, which you’ll find out in my presentations. 

I strive to appeal to those across sectors and disciplines, whether it be to those in more traditional professional roles, such as senior executive management, or those who are solopreneurs, freelancers or working in creative industries.

I ended up leaving my day job behind and achieved a diploma in Social Media Marketing. I set up Sarah Clay Social to help businesses promote themselves on social media. While using various platforms to promote my business, one stood out – LinkedIn. I seemed to attract new clients without really trying. All without a cheesy sales pitch and just by being myself. 

I was astonished by the success I had with LinkedIn and couldn’t get over how handy my childhood techniques had been. I realised that all the tools I’d learnt as a child were immensely useful! Soon after, I realised that other business owners weren’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help business owners, just like you, harness the power of LinkedIn and be more successful in business.

Are you ready to leverage LinkedIn’s potential?