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Here are 13 reasons why you should have a company page

LinkedIn company pages are becoming more important in 2022 than ever before.  Late in 2021 LinkedIn added some new features to company pages. This is good news as it not only makes company pages more relevant and useful, it also highlights that LinkedIn see them as important.

LinkedIn is about building relationships, about people doing business with people, so why do we need a company page at all? Why can’t we just use our personal profiles? Those are great questions, my friend, and I hope to shed some light on those very subjects right here in my article.

Whether you’re a company with a huge team of employees or if you’re an entrepreneur/owner managed business – I strongly advise you to set yourself up a company page.

Here are 13 reasons why you should have a company page – whatever size your business.

(Sorry if some feel 13 is unlucky. It was 12 until Michelle Raymond reminded me of the last one!).

#1 To showcase your company logo on your personal profile

If you have a company logo two things happen immediately:

  1. It makes you look more professional. Even if your company is just you, having that logo sitting there below your banner does add a certain ‘gravitas’.
  2. It means that people can click through from your personal profile directly to your company page. It’s easy for your audience to do.  The algorithm will be aware that clicks are happening from your profile to your page within LinkedIn which is always a positive message to send. Also, it keeps people engaged with your content for longer – especially if you’re posting different content on your company page from that on your personal profile.

#2 To build brand awareness and strengthen your brand message

Companies with a complete, active LinkedIn Page see 5x more page views. Showcasing your content in 2 different places will increase the chances of it getting seen. People may come across your company page rather than your personal profile so by having both, you’re increasing the chances of people finding you.

#3 It’s a place to showcase your best content or important information for your audience

If you’ve published an article which positions your company particularly well or which you’re very proud of for whatever reason, you are able to ‘pin it’ to the top of your page so it’s the first thing people see when they click on the ‘posts’ tab.  You can change the pinned post to reflect some important news or information which you would like to highlight. 

#4 To showcase your products

Companies that post weekly on LinkedIn see a 2x higher engagement rate. Posting regular updates about product information is one way of keeping your audience up to date with your products and thus building brand loyalty.

The ‘posts’ tab on your company page acts like a library of all your content to make it easy for people to get to know your products and your offers. 

LinkedIn showcase pages are extensions of a company page. If you’re a larger company showcase pages are a great tool for highlighting different aspects of your brand.

#5 SEO

Whenever you post on your personal profile OR your company page, your content has a chance of being picked up by google and showing up in a relevant google search. By posting on your both company page AND your personal profile you increase the chances of your content coming up in a google search. You can post the same or similar content on both profile and page, something I recommend as the two may well have different audience. 

#6 Insights

When you post on your personal profile you can see how many people ‘liked’ the post, how many comments, likes and reactions it received. That’s pretty good base line information. You can also see how many connections and followers you have, how many people have viewed your profile and how many times you’ve come up in a search. With a company page, the analytics go much deeper. You can look at demographics of page followers as well as a deeper dive into the performance of your content.

#7 You get an alert when someone mentions your company page

When someone ‘tags’ in your company page on LinkedIn, you get a notification this has happened. This is a powerful tool as it means, firstly, that anyone reading that post is able to click on the name of your company and it will take them directly to you company page. It also means that you get a notification so you can go over to the post and comment on it as your company and also from your personal profile. Commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to increase your brand presence on LinkedIn. This makes it easier for people to find you and connect with you.

#8 To pro actively prospect and generate leads

LinkedIn company pages can have 3 community hashtags. By using these strategically, it is possible to find and interact with relevant content and prospects. This information can be used for active outreach either on the platform or via other methods. In conjunction with targeted use of the ‘search’ facility, prospecting possibilities on LinkedIn are vast.

#9 To build a community of colleagues, clients, potential collaborators and prospects

No longer just a business platform, LinkedIn is about community building. By creating and sharing engaging, relevant, varied and entertaining content, and by encouraging your employees to engage with that content, it is possible to create a real community around your company page.

Using your page to celebrate company wins, to spotlight successful employees as well as to showcase products; your company page could become a place where staff, clients and potential clients actively go to for information and company updates.

Taking advantage of the many different styles of content, it’s possible to use your company page as a community platform to build a loyal network of potential buyers.

#10 To take advantage of employee advocacy to increase the reach of company content

If employees comment and interact with company posts from their personal profiles, the increase in the reach of those posts is beyond limitation! It’s important that each employee has a completed LinkedIn profile and is using LinkedIn correctly to maximise these fantastic opportunities. Please see my blog: read more here. It is important that each employee understands the concept of employee advocacy and how relevant it is to them as well as to the company as a whole.

#11 To attract high quality employees

Approximately 40 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week and 95% of recruiters constantly search LinkedIn for jobs for their candidates.

By talking about your company and positioning it as a great place for employees to work, learn and grow, you’re likely to attract a higher calibre of applicants for each job. You may find you get solicited by potential employees looking for work. 

#12 To support employees in their networking

Since lockdown, many employees and business owners have realised the vast potential of online networking using their LinkedIn personal profiles. If your employees are taking advantage of these opportunities to increase their networks, having an active company page can support them. This could help make them feel valued as members of the company and increase their level of loyalty.

Encouraging even junior employees to create content for your company page can help staff confidence as well as add an interesting layer to the content being shared on the page. 

Content created by younger members of the team or those who work in different departments can add to the diversity of content and the public image of the company.

#13 It’s free!

Setting up a company page on LinkedIn is completely free, just like a personal profile.

Are you using your company page to it’s full potential? If you need any help setting up your company page or making it work for you, please DM me and let’s see if I can help.


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