How to increase your following and generate leads on LinkedIn

How to increase your following and generate leads on LinkedIn text with Sarah Clay

Having lots of followers on LinkedIn can look impressive. However, numbers alone won’t bring in sales. There really is no point in just connecting with people just for the sake of numbers. Increasing your following on LinkedIn is something you should be doing constantly – but please don’t do this with a scattergun approach. 

In order to generate leads on LinkedIn, it’s important to connect with people who can help you in your business – either by referring you to potential clients or by being a potential client. 

If you wanted to sell handbags, would you go to a football stadium?  Whilst there may be a large audience, those supporters will have their eyes firmly on the ball and will not be interested in much else – apart from perhaps their half time snacks and drinks. 

Selling your handbags on a market stall may mean less people see them, but those people are more likely to buy one of your handbags!

Targeting your outreach on LinkedIn will save you time and bring faster results. 

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So, what are the best ways to increase your following AND generate leads on LinkedIn?

Lead generation on LinkedIn is a multi-pronged approach which involves developing a strategy pulling in different resources and skills. Unfortunately there is no ‘one’ solution. 

One way to grow your following on LinkedIn is to start posting content which helps and entertains your audience. Posting regular, relevant, good quality content on LinkedIn is key to showing your authority about your subject. For 8 tips on creating scroll-stopping posts, click here!

So, you’ve created and posted some high quality posts, what next?

Have you ever thrown a party? It’s a bit stressful isn’t it? There is a lot to organise: music, food, the venue etc. If you do all of those things and prepare a great party but you forget to invite people, there isn’t a party and all your hard work will have gone to waste. 

If you’re constantly posting on LinkedIn but you’re not ‘going out’ and saying ‘hello’ to people, how will they know you are there?  On LinkedIn, if you’re not engaging with other people, no matter how good your content, it’s going to be hard for them to ‘stumble’ across your posts. 

What do I mean by ‘engaging’ with people?  This starts very simply by commenting on their posts. 

If you go to a networking event you know you have to go and say ‘hi’ to people you don’t know, you have to join conversations and introduce yourself to others. This is how you increase your network at an in person event and, guess what? It’s exactly the same on LinkedIn! 

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I know it sounds a bit scary but commenting on other peoples’ posts is the best way to grow your followers and ‘meet’ relevant people who could help you get leads, or even be the leads themselves. 

If you comment on someone’s post on LinkedIn, you’re introducing yourself to that person.  You’re saying ‘I’ve read your post and it’s interesting enough for me to want to start a conversation with you about it.’

Now, this part is important, so please read on! 

When you comment on someone’s post, something else happens. You put yourself in front of that persons’ followers and connections! Because the comments section can be (and often is), where the ‘gold’ happens on LinkedIn. It may surprise you to learn that people do read comments on each other’s posts.

If you spend time reading comments on people’s posts, you will see what I mean. I have seen some wonderful conversations happening on mine, and others’ posts. People who don’t know each other begin chatting in someone else’s post and, if they’re using LinkedIn correctly, they develop a relationship of their own. 

Commenting on a strangers’ post can seem daunting but, believe me, it happens all the time on LinkedIn!  If a 2nd degree connection (a connection of a connection aka ‘friend of a friend’) commented on a post of yours, you’d be flattered, wouldn’t you? They have taken the time to read your post and comment.  They’re saying ‘I want to know you’.

Its’s only courteous of you to reply to their comment! Especially if they’ve been friendly, helpful, and added something to the conversation, right? 

Let’s reverse that scenario. If you comment on a strangers’ post in a friendly, helpful way – adding something to the conversation, you’re going to pique their interest. If you structure your reply correctly, how can that person ignore you? They reply, you reply in return and – BOOM – the relationship commences! 

This is the first step in bringing that person into your sales funnel. 

Sounds scary? Feels a bit weird? Unsure of what you’d say to someone?

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Luckily for you, I have come up with a super-simple formula for you to adopt whenever you want to comment on someone else’s post. It really is simple, and you can make your comments as long, or as short, as you like using this structure. 

In my LinkedIn profile video,  I talk about my 3 C’s approach to LinkedIn. How to comment on other peoples’ posts on LinkedIn is my ‘4 C’s approach!

Here is my 4 C’s approach to commenting on someone elses’ post on LinkedIn:

  3. CWESTION (ok, ok, it’s a Q but let’s have some artistic license here please!)
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Let’s have a look at these in a bit more detail.


When someone gives us a compliment, we get a little hit of dopamine which makes us not only feel good about ourselves but also about the person who gave us the compliment. 

Saying something very simple like ‘You’ve raised an interesting point here’ or ‘What a great post’ or ‘Thank you for bringing this to our attention’, is a great way to start.

You may come up with something different but the key to commenting is this. When writing anything at all on LinkedIn, think about what you would say if that situation arose in ‘real life’. Imagine yourself in a group circle at a networking event and someone in the group spoke the words in that post. What would you say to them in that situation? Using the same, or similar language you use when you talk to people can really help you construct your comments. 

Great, first part done, now keep going…


Now is the time to add your own comment to the situation. By adding your thoughts you are showing the author of the post that you want to get into a conversation, you’re genuinely interested in what they’ve written. It is also a chance for you to ‘position yourself’ as someone who has knowledge and experience in this area. 

Be cautious though. Remember firstly that this is a public platform so anything you write could get seen by many. Secondly, and most importantly is to remember that this is not YOUR post. Be kind, be respectful and don’t show off! 

Add value, don’t try to take their value away. 

If you disagree with what they have written, that’s ok but phrase your disagreement politely and give evidence and reason for your views.   If you want to agree with their post, again, explain why. Using phrases such as ‘in my experience’ or ‘I’ve seen a similar situation’ will help qualify your comment. 


If you raise a question for the poster here, they almost have to answer, right? It would look odd on a public feed for a question to be asked and not answered. It isn’t always easy coming up with a question but adding something along the lines of: ‘have you seen this happen?’ when you add your comment or a little ‘don’t you think?’ can work wonders!


Starting a conversation in your, or someone else’s, feed is a great way to start a relationship. However, don’t leave them hanging! Continue the relationship by hopping over to their profile and build on this initial introduction. 

By sending someone a connection request to say you’d like to ‘continue the conversation’ is exactly what is expected on LinkedIn. Arrange an online, or in person, meeting or a phone call as the next step. 

That first comment on someone else’s comment is just the start. It’s up to you to keep that relationship ‘warm’; you don’t know where it could lead.

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The potential to build relationships with targeted leads on LinkedIn  is enormous – utilise the opportunities and you could start to see real growth in your business.

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Have a wonderful connecting day!

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