What size images to post to LinkedIn, with Sarah Clay

LinkedIn size guide for images and video

When you’ve finally finished a piece of content you’ve spent days or weeks working on you just want to get it published. So, it can be a bit annoying when you’ve now got to research what size the images and videos should be for maximum optimisation.   If you’ve ever wished you had a LinkedIn media size guide, you’re in luck because that’s what we’ve compiled for you.

You might think that it’s really just the content that matters in your blog and that images and video take a back seat. Using images and videos in your LinkedIn posts increases engagement.  In fact, videos can get 5X more engagement on your content, while live videos can get you 24X more engagement.

You might have noticed already that there are many areas of LinkedIn where it is almost REQUIRED to add an image. In several places on LinkedIn – in posts as well as in profiles – LinkedIn provides a ‘place holder’ image for you to add your own.

It is not compulsory to add your own image in these places but if you don’t, you’ll be displaying LinkedIn’s default image. Not only does this not look very attractive but, by not adding your own image, you are missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity.

You wouldn’t turn up for that meeting or interview ‘wearing someone else’s shirt’, so don’t rely on LinkedIn’s default image.   Create one of your own which tells your audience something about you.

To save you time trying to remember what sizes your photos and videos should be, here is a LinkedIn media size guide.

It’s important to note that personal profiles have different image sizes from company pages.

All sizes are in pixels.

LinkedIn Profile Picture and Background

  • LinkedIn profile picture size: 400 x 400
  • LinkedIn banner or background photo size: 1584 x 396

NOTE – when designing your banner, beware of the ‘danger zones’ and the 10 most common LinkedIn mistakes.

LinkedIn Company Pages

  • LinkedIn company logo size: 300 x 300
  • LinkedIn banner / cover photo size: 1128 x 191

LinkedIn Post Image Size

  • LinkedIn post single or multi-image: 1080 x 1080 (square) 1920 x 1080 (portrait)
  • LinkedIn article featured image: 1200 x 644
  • LinkedIn article banner image: 600 x 322
  • LinkedIn image sizes for blog post link images: 1200 x 627
  • LinkedIn carousel post: 1080 x 1080 OR 1920 x 1080
  • LinkedIn carousel best format: PDF
  • LinkedIn video size: 256 x 144 (minimum) to 4096 x 2304 (maximum)
  • LinkedIn video file size: 75KB to 200MB
  • Maximum LinkedIn video length: 10 minutes
  • LinkedIn Stories image size: 1080 x 1920

LinkedIn Events Image Size

  • LinkedIn event logo size: 300 x 300 – square
  • LinkedIn event ‘banner’ size: 1200 x 300 – 4:1

LinkedIn Groups Image Size

  • LinkedIn groups logo size: 300 x 300
  • LinkedIn groups banner size: 1536 x 768

And finally…..

Have fun with your images and videos.  Be creative and let your personality shine through. 


Ditch the dull keynote speeches in favour of fun-filled, laughter-inducing groups and seminars that get the audience involved from the get-go.

I’m bubbly and vivacious by nature, which you’ll find out in my presentations. 

I strive to appeal to those across sectors and disciplines, whether it be to those in more traditional professional roles, such as senior executive management, or those who are solopreneurs, freelancers or working in creative industries.

I ended up leaving my day job behind and achieved a diploma in Social Media Marketing. I set up Sarah Clay Social to help businesses promote themselves on social media. While using various platforms to promote my business, one stood out – LinkedIn. I seemed to attract new clients without really trying. All without a cheesy sales pitch and just by being myself. 

I was astonished by the success I had with LinkedIn and couldn’t get over how handy my childhood techniques had been. I realised that all the tools I’d learnt as a child were immensely useful! Soon after, I realised that other business owners weren’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help business owners, just like you, harness the power of LinkedIn and be more successful in business.

Are you ready to leverage LinkedIn’s potential?